“…I say to you, do not be worried about your life…”

Matthew 6:25a

August 30, 2018

Stop Worrying

Anxiety occurs when we believe that we are responsible for meeting all of our life’s deepest needs, both now and in the future. Jesus clearly states that we do not need to be worried because He will take care of all of our needs. Just a quick look at God’s created order makes it obvious that He takes care of everything that He has created. Therefore, if birds and flowers have all of their needs met, then how much more will God meet our needs as well?

We worry and become anxious because we do not rest in the present. Instead, we begin to think about all the things that might not work out in the future. However, we must remember that Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith. The certainty of a good future has nothing to do with our circumstances, nor personal ability, but on our Heavenly Father to provide.

When our focus is on the temporal things of this world, like our health, our finances, our job, our security, our prestige, our status, our friends or even our family, we recognize very quickly how little control we have. This is why Jesus invites us to trust in His goodness in the midst of each and every moment. His character is what provides peace regardless of what circumstances life may deal.

So, do not be worried about your life. God will take care of you in this very moment today and He will always continue to do so. Will you release your anxiety to Him right now and trust Him today for your best? His goodness will provide you great peace.


Jesus. I have been so troubled by trying to make everything in my life work. It seems that the harder I try to control my life the less peace I experience and the more that worry becomes the norm. Lord, I repent of the fact I have not trusted You with all things in my life and here and now I am trusting You afresh today. My life is Yours and I know You will make sure I have everything I need to bring You glory, which in turn will bring me the greatest satisfaction. Amen.