By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments.

1 John 2:3

October 4, 2018


Obedience is a word that causes many believers to have an allergic reaction. For some, commanding immediate and complete obedience is a rigid requirement of the Christian faith. For others, obedience is merely an option for those who want to progress as a disciple, but it is not necessary in any way for salvation. This often leads to some strong degree of legalism on one side or a weak libertarian ideal on the other. However, the biggest problem is an apathy towards God and disunity among His people.

The Bible makes clear that obedience ALWAYS results from a relationship that desires to please the one making the demands. Simply adhering to a certain set of behaviors is nothing more than compliance. As a parent you can demand that your young children comply with your standards but obedience is always a choice that the child must make. At the same time, obedience is not simply a desire to do what is right with no action. In other words, a person is not obedient by having good intentions. Obedience involves both having good intentions of doing what is required and then working to carry them out.

This demonstrates why there is no unbeliever who is obedient to God, even if they have good moral standards. Obedience to God the Father results from our new life in Christ that desires what God wants and then acts in faith to see it realized. When we are obedient, we are demonstrating that we have a relationship with God and we then experience His overwhelming joy.

What has God been showing you in His Word that He desires for you to obey? Let’s take steps of faith that align with His Word so that as obedient children we experience His love in overwhelming measure.


Dear Jesus. You have been showing me ways in which I can be obedient to You, and yet I have not been acting in faith. I am asking today that You would show me the specific steps of faith to take and that I would delight in obeying Your will. I thank You for Your continued love and mercy and pray Your grace for the power to act in faith. Amen.