“What do you want Me to do for you?” And he said, “Lord, I want to regain my sight!” And Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has made you well.” Immediately he regained his sight and began follow Him, glorifying God; and when all the people saw it, they gave praise to God.

Luke 18:41-43

July 11, 2019

Spoken Faith

The blind beggar named Bartimaeus continued calling to Jesus as He was passing by because He knew this would likely be his only chance. The urgency and determination of Bartimaeus caused Jesus to stop and summon him. So, Bartimaeus received the opportunity he desired as he stood before the Lord.

Jesus begins the conversation with the question, “What do you want Me to do for you?” Really? Have you ever wondered why Jesus would ask such a question to someone whose needs are so obvious? Why not just heal him or give him some money to live?

The reason is that Jesus wanted Bartimaeus to articulate his own personal faith. Of course, Jesus could have just healed him; however, he wanted Bartimaeus to articulate his need and belief. Bartimaeus wasn’t shocked. Didn’t hesitate. But immediately said, “Lord, I want to regain my sight.” No doubt, he could have used some money, some new clothes, or perhaps shelter and yet he asks for the impossible which is the source of all his challenges. Jesus restored his sight by saying, “your faith has made you well.” In other words, due to the fact that you have trusted Me to help with your core (“impossible”) challenge I am healing you.

Sometimes we have a steadfast belief in good doctrine that Jesus is powerful, but don’t have the faith that is essential to receive His best work into our own lives where we need. We wrongly believe that if God wants to do something then he will simply do it, but the reality is that faith in Christ is essential for our growth in our relationship with Him. Our trust in Christ accelerates His work in our lives.

How would you answer if Jesus asked you, “What do you want Me to do for you?” Many of us would say, “I don’t want to be a bother to you,” or “You have more important things to do,” or even worse, “I’m not sure I need anything right now.” However, these are simply smoke screens saying that we either don’t believe or are unwilling to exercise our faith.

How about you? What are you trusting God for? What if Jesus were to ask YOU right now, “What do you want me to do for you?” What would you say?


Jesus. I often falsely believe that I have everything I need on my own and don’t need to ask for anything. Lord, today I am reminded that telling you of my needs grows my faith, accelerates Your work in my life and declares my dependence on you as my Lord. So Lord, today I want/need _________________________. I am trusting you to provide. Amen.